Race War

With the recent events in Chicago still in our minds a certain question has entered my mind. Could this potentially be the escalation of racial violence that could lead to a “Race War”? It’s an interesting question no doubt and to be honest if it is the beginning of such a war what would it look like? Who would fire the first shot? To some extent I think some of the events of 2016 like the Dallas police shootings and events surrounding those has already been the beginning of such an event.

Past race wars tend to have lead to mass genocide and even now some racial tension in East Asia and within the Middle East could see the beginnings of multiple racially charged wars and these would be interesting for study to avoid their affects here. In the end however any war that is racially charged tends to end in mass genocide as with the Rwandan genocide. It would really be a shame to see those here.

In the meantime let’s remember all the men and women of all races who died to help preserve our civil liberties here in the US. After all, every drop of blood spilt was red. Let’s not forget that we are all of man and that hatred of a person based on race is wrong and that we should judge someone by the actions that they take and not by the color of their skin.

Frankly, I can’t wait until we can start having debates over economics and science again.


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