What 2016 taught me

After the year of 2016 was finished and I had time to reflect upon the major events that took, Bexit, US Presidential election, riots and media backlash, i began to realize something about the way the world works. The mainstream media in the US IE: CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and Fox news all had a different story throughout the entire US election ranging from anti Trump and pro Hillary to anti Hillary and pro Trump, but I began to wounder about something. If the mainstream media is falling in ratings and viewership why is it so? Because of their obvious pandering to candidates and ideas? Because of boring delivery or uninteresting stories? Because they tried covering up stories that didn’t fit their narrative?

All of the previous reasons are likely causes, but then why is the Alt. Media so big now, they appear to be just as biased as the mainstream media ranging from the left with The Young Turks and to the right with Loader With Crowder. They all have their own biases and obvious preferences to candidates and ideas. I think that the redeeming factor of the alternative media is that they tell you what they believe and pander to people who follow that ideology and they don’t pretend not to.

It’s a new grand age where the old dinosaurs are dying and the new beasts are smaller, but more maneuverable and able to change much quicker than their large multi-million dollar cousins. People can now sift through what they consider garbage and find news sources that are smaller, but fit more into their beliefs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however a continual echo chamber can create people who are unable to question their own beliefs and analyse their new’s coverage.

I suppose that this is the free market in action, the money merely going where the demand is. It’s perfectly normal and teaches me the most important lesson of 2016. When you let your guard down and lower your standards, you invite people to chip off your kingdom and eventual you will have loss. Happy New Year.


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