Trump and the Roman emperor

Many comparisons have been made between Trump and Roman emperors ranging from Nero to Commodus. Now I think I’m ready to throw my hat into the ring and determine once and for all the answer to the completely useless question which Roman emperor does Trump emulate the most? Answer: The Roman Emperor Claudius.

Why  I chose this particular emperor is for several reasons. When Claudius came to power he was at the bottom of a very long list of possible and would be successors to Augustus Caesar. When Trump became the nominee for the Republican party he had to defeat over fifteen other Republican candidates with much more political experience and much better public speakers. People like Sen. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were the three candidates that most people thought would be the republican nominee, but over time the momentum began to shift and all these giants fell before Trump’s charisma.

The next reason is because Claudius appears to have had a slight speech impediment and was seen as a semi retarded as well a low IQ individual however when he achieved power he surprised his peers with stunning political intrigue and powerful laws and governance. When Trump entered the race his speech pattern was seen to be at a fourth grade level and many people joked about Trump being an idiot or ignorant and mocked the way he talked and many people still continue to do so however he has defeated the top Republican prospects for the presidency as well as beating Hillary Clinton.

Claudius was a writer before he became the emperor of Rome. He was also critical of the Roman Government and if my memory serves me correct he was scolded for giving a different perspective on the Roman government that cast it in a slightly darker light. Trump was a writer before he became president. He wrote a top seller, The Art of the Deal, as well as many other books such as, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again, and, Trump: How to Get Rich. He has also been casting some of the US foreign policies in the area of trade since at least the eighties.

In summary those are my reasons why I think Trump is the most like Claudius more than any other Roman Emperor.


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