What’s interesting about the beginning of Trump’s inauguration

So tomorrow Donald Trump will be sworn in as the forty firth president of the United States, much to the joy and dismay of many of the country. What’s interesting about Trump’s inauguration to me is because for the second time we might have a democrat led secession of states from the United States.

This is an incredibly fascinating turn of events to me. Historically the Democrats have been the party more prone to civil unrest since before the civil war democrat congressman were attacking congressmen who disagreed with them, The Civil War was a secession movement from the United States led by Democrats in the South Eastern states, the assassination of JFK was performed by a leftists communist, the assassination of MLK jr, the KKK and modern destructive movements were all sprouts that grew from the dirty tree of the Democrat party.

What does this mean for the future of the Trump’s presidency? Well it’s difficult to say, the reaction the political left is having towards Donald Trump is fairly similar to their reaction to George Bush, but unlike Bush, Donald Trump has to deal with a population as well as most if the political left who are vehemently against him as a person as well as his policies.

With all the death threats and the people protesting in the past it appears to be an interesting chain of events for the future of the United States and it will be a very difficult job for us all to Make America Great Again! Let’s hope within a few months we will have a population more docile and we can finally resume our business and lives with out the huge and angry mobs that roam our streets and computers.


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