Polarity and No Parties

In the current state of political climate I am noticing more and more how polarized people are about certain subjects. The typical, if a Republican does something and you’re a Republican that guy can do no wrong even when he does things you personally disagree with you still feel a need to defend him. If in this scenario however you are a Democrat you can’t find a thing that you like about the Republican. It should be extremely disheartening to see this in our climate that we live in and it needs to be addressed and changed.

I think that we should to some extent do away with political parties and people should run on principles and ideas rather than political party lines. What would this look like? Well let’s say Joe Smith is running for state senate for County A what he would do is set about to gain recognition by speaking at as many places as possible, writing articles, pamphlets and slogans to let his opinions and ideas to be known.

When Joe Smith receives enough support to qualify for different areas of popularity he then will debate and speak with other people who are running for senate on topics that they disagree with. So say Joe doesn’t like farm subsidizes, but is okay with giving state grants to students, and candidate Edward agrees with farm subsidizes and agrees with giving grants, then they would discuss why or why not they agree with these issues.

After a given amount of time for vetting out the least popular candidates, the top three will be eligible on the ballot. You could of course write in your candidates name, however only the top three would be featured on the voting ballot. I think that getting rid of party lines would cause a greater degree of freedom of who you can attack due to disagreements without having a “traitor” slur given to you. You can also give more leverage to individuals rather than parties due to their abilities and beliefs rather than their party.

I think that this would be difficult and near impossible to implement, and I also think that it would also have it’ sown problems, but something needs to be done about the problem of polarity. It’s the best solution I can think of at the given time based on the evidence and degrees of anger in our political system. This is something I believe you should at least take into consideration.


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