The Intolerance of Tolerance

Something that I learn as I get older is that people like to say one thing and then act in a completely different way. It’s a little bit of strange phenomena of the modern world with all the ideas being discussed and buzz words and everything that’s happening in the world that we still haven’t come to a more or less general consensus on different subjects.

I like looking for people who preach tolerance. When I find them I immediately decide that I will observe one thing, do they use tolerance for the people they disagree with.  What I normally find and I have yet to not find is that they say that they tolerate a certain belief, then if you disagree with the belief and do not tolerate the belief they have to force their tolerance upon you, which is inherently intolerant.

I am beginning to wonder if tolerance is something like a relativism. If you say there is no truth, then you defeat your own argument, because there has to be an absolute of no absolutes if there is to be no absolutes, which is a rational contradiction. In same way saying that you are tolerant or that you should tolerate all beliefs as soon as you differ from the absolute you differ from your own argument and become a hypocrite.

I think that the best way to defeat this effect on the culture is to address this issue and call it out when we see it. I also think that to actually win an argument you would need to abstain from any hypocrisy and double speak. I think that the best strategy is to find a variation in their belief and then attack them in their contradiction.


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